V for Vendetta

The latest news from the centre is that the demon is awake and is threatening to cause a destruction at a massive scale . The vendetta is again threatening to rise its head and if its not subdued as soon as possible , we will have only ourselves to blame for the aftermath .

I was pulled out of my nightmares by Bryan Adams singing at top of his voice . Waking up , I glanced at the clock . It was quarter to nine . Taking a look at the clock is the first thing that I do in the morning . Not because I am punctual or something . It’s just that I get to know how much can I still sleep . “Early to bed and early to rise” is rarely applicable to me .

So the clock said “quarter to nine” thereby meaning that no more than half an hour was what I was left with to complete my sleep . Mumbling and still dozing , I picked up the call . It was one of my class mates who was on the other side of call . Taking care not to left out even a single trace of rudeness out of my voice I threw these words at him “What the hell do you think you are doing by calling me this early in the morning?” (I know majority will contradict to the fact that quarter to nine is very early in the morning ) .

Anyways , the next few words he said was nothing less than magical . I could hardly believe my ears . As soon as he told me “It’s a whole day bunk today . So , sleep tight “ , I was out of this world . Was I dreaming ? I pinched myself to be assure of the fact that I was awake and kicking . At that point , I could have awarded that guy all my lands and possessions (i.e. if I had any) for delivering that sweet news to me . I knew what was awaiting me . An unrestricted alarm free sleep for a minimum of a couple of hours ( 9 – 12 is the golden period to sleep , not to forget that most of the things you dream in this period often comes out to be true 😛 )

Two hours later , I pulled myself up , after all the efforts to go back to sleep went fruitless . With toothbrush in my hand ( Yes , I brush my teeth daily 😛 ) , as I made my way across the lobby , I noticed that all the rooms were locked . The HOD or the warden was not on a round today . So, the possibility that everyone has locked himself in their room was certainly cancelled out . After all , I didn’t lock myself up and was still not escorted to my class by a tail-less monster .

Skeptical about the whole scenario , I came back to my room . The clock displayed 11:30 . I checked my inbox . No messages . If the bunk was cancelled , someone would have informed me at least . Conjuring all the possibilities that could have resulted into the locked rooms , I hoped against all the hopes that everything was on a right track .

The clock displayed 1:15 . The break during the two halves . The news was that the former CR of our class , along with his friends , suddenly discovered his appetite for revenge and was solely responsible for cancellation of bunk . Apparently , he was unable to digest the fact that he was dethroned from his position by a unified opposition . It looked like God appeared in his dreams last night and enlightened him by informing that the sole purpose for which he was here in the engineering college is to study and there was no logical reasoning supporting a whole day bunk .

Somehow , after a number of counseling sessions , we managed to convince him to skip a class or two for “ The Greater Good “ . But the incident had done enough to light the spark . The other section of the class , consisting of nerds and day scholars , decided that it was a pre planned attack to deprive them of the four golden lectures which could have made their life . They were looking for an excuse to attend the classes , and now they got it .

“Backstabbing” , they said . “Double cross” , they said . “Vendetta” they said .

Now they will fight among themselves.They will search for a chance to take revenge . They will attend all the classes . They will continuously struggle amongst themselves , bombarding each others’ compartments . But who will be responsible for our sufferings in this sanguinary battle ? Who will be responsible if the innocent ones are detained for short attendance ? Who should be held responsible for our misfortune ? Who ????? 🙁 🙁 . Only time will tell what it has in store for us . 🙁

Assignment # 26 : Mass Bunk

Objective : to convince whole class to bunk a lecture you are not interested to attend

Requirements :  A class with a majority of good for nothing dormant elements , a CR (class representative) who is always ready to get banged , a dumb lecturer , a new release in theatre , few active back benchers.

Theory :

Mass Bunk :

“ The tactical use of the CR ( to convince the fellow muggers ) to achieve your goal of escaping the mental torture that could occur otherwise . This activity is highly appreciated by majority of students and is highly loathed by the faculty and the studious lot . Occasional bunks go unnoticed , but few of them in quick succession will surely get the HOD interested .“

CR :

“The person who is often used by the batchmates as a escape goat when HOD enters the scene . Whatever wrong happens in the jungle, either this person is supposed to have an explanation for that , or else he is a goner . Usually a mugger , one to have a sympathy with “

Back Benchers :

“The masterminds of the jungle , who most often initiate the spark and force the CR to set the jungle on fire . Least interested in study , most of them have a short attendance , the most important component in the bunks ( yet , are never highlighted ) . Usually work in groups and communicate via. code language .”

Result : “A happy bunch of kids going back to do something useful , some to the canteen , others to their respective hostel rooms (all the muggers) and occasionally a few of them head to the HOD to launch a complaint against the anti social elements (carnivores of the jungle) .”

Precautions :

  • Always have a check on how the front row (usually the girls) reacts when the topic is first brought into their notice .
  • Be quick to take your action . If the lecturer appears in the scene , be quick to come back to your position as if you were upto nothing .
  • Always have a control over the CR . An angry CR might lead to 100% classes , which in turn cant get you detained due to short attendance .
  • Play safe . Bunk classes and enjoy life . 😀