Exams, Conflicts and Doomsday

I have been out of this space for almost two months. And just when I was running out of options as to what is it going to take to pull me out of the writer’s block, here come this very good old sadist friend of mine -End Term Exams. And as I have already cribbed about a million times, there is nothing in the world that you won’t find interest interest in during this particular time (except studying of course)

I can’t help wondering that few months down the line we all are going to miss this terribly. Exam scheduled at 9 in the morning is anyways far better than a sales report presentation before your boss in the morning (courtesy: various grunted dissatisfied complaining FB status of my seniors ;)). Placement are approaching and with the onset of the new year (If it comes after all), we all will be all suited up for the campus recruitment process 😀

Coming back to the point – Exams. It is one of those things that you can’t live with and neither could you live without. Only two more instances and it will be gone. Forever and Forever. And we will see our juniors’ updates next year concerning the same thing and will be like – “Dudes .. Stop complaining. You don’t know how lucky you guys are”. Don’t get me wrong here. I, by no means, am getting nostalgic right now. I so much want to run away from this phase ASAP 😉

Anyways, 21/12/12 is highly sought for. Partly because Doomsday is to be tested and majorly because end terms are getting over and it will be one last chance to go bezzerk before everyone lefts for home and I will be stuck back here in the hostel. Loads of loads of free time to think about all the things in the world and go down, down and further down :/

Ever felt so helpless? You know what is bothering you. You know it should not bother you. And you also know the steps you need to take to prevent it from bothering you. But alas!! you can’t convince yourself to do it. You brain keeps on shouting at your heart “Stop making me look like a fool all the time”. But Dil to hai Dil 😛 😛

Roadmap from now on – Survive the Exams .. Survive the doomsday .. Survive the new year celebrations .. Get placed .. and then fly right into the hearts of Delhi and Lucknow – places where all the people that matter are locked up.

P.S. Ignore any grammatical mistakes. In all probabilities you wouldn’t have read it completely, but still 😉


The Twists and Turns

The very same time of year it is … Suddenly you feel like doing anything and everything … Suddenly you have got so many plans which need to be executed right there and right now … Suddenly you start praying for the days to pass by as quickly as they can … And suddenly you start enjoying everything apart from studies …

I have moved for Ghaziabad to Mumbai … from B.Tech to an MBA … from Quantum to MS Powerpoint … But the feeling is still the very same as it was four years ago … The feeling that you get when you have got an exam (or may be two, if you are lucky enough) dancing right in front of you with open arms, ready to embrace you, ready to push you down to the era of uncertainties … a place from where you can’t see anything but the date when they are supposed to get over …

Few things might have changed but a majority of them still remain the very same …

>> 11th hour preparation …

>> Calculating the time which is required to cover the syllabus and then starting right at the deadline … And end up going to the exam hall with hardly half the syllabus covered …

>> You develop an intense liking towards world wide web (especially Facebook :P)

>> Suddenly developing an addiction to movies …

>> Insomnia, which troubles you all the year around, suddenly decides to leave you and let you fall in the never ending world of dreams …

>> Life suddenly becomes super hectic and you can’t help hoping to buy some time to kill …

>> And last, but not the least, in the middle of the night, you completely turn philosophical and start analyzing everything, right from the movement of lizard crawling nearby to your Karma and ultimate purpose of your life …

Amazing thing this is .. Exams .. And with my student life moving towards its completion, I have started loving them for no reason 😛 😉

Two days hence the exams will end, and so will be my first year … So many things happened in this year that I could hardly recollect them … I will soon be moving towards my first step in the professional life with my summer internship with DBS, starting from this Monday. Wish me luck guys (not for the exams 😛 ) …

Just one more year to go as a student … And a lifetime to follow as a man … B)


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Reversal of Roles : Life @ NITIE

It is that very same time of the year. It’s been exactly one month since the CAT results were declared and the MBA season, right now, is in full swing. Anxious faces all around, B-Schools declaring their GD-PI lists, aspirants shooting their queries everywhere and the dream to get into the dream college lives on.

Everything is same as it was last year. The entire situation is just like a Deja Vu. I have lived it all already once and I am living it once again. But with a little difference this time around. I am on the other side of the table. Last year, at the same time, I was sitting in front of my system, reading the posts by the aspirants on the NITIE Pagalguy thread. There was a very anxious and nervous “magicalharsh” directing his queries to the seniors on the thread, who just wanted to be sure of it. And an encouraging reply by a senior meant everything that time.

NITIE gave me my dream. I made my way to the God’s own campus and little did I knew at that time that one year down the line the very same PG id of “magicalharsh” would be there on the same thread, but this time answering the queries of his to-be juniors rather then being answered.

There at pagalguy people ask the same question again and again. They know that the same question has been answered but somehow they wish to be answered individually. I know the feeling as I was also a part of the lot that used to do the same and hence, even after answering the same query umpteenth number of times I repeat it rather ambivalently. I can see the same anxiousness in their queries that used to be within me last year. Seriously speaking that was one of the most precious moments of my life because that was the period which really taught me how wonderful the feeling is once you achieve something that you had really longed for. And this was the first time I achieved something substantial in my life.

Life at B School has been much more awesome compared to what I had envisaged. Every moment here at NITIE has been nothing less than an awesome experience. Fun combined with learning. Be it the late evening classes at 9 or 10. Be it a snake crawling outside your room or a leopard spotted somewhere near the MDP. Be it Bawaal or NPL going on. Be it the 3 round committee selection process that would stretch until 6 in the morning. Be it the really anxious moments during the Slot zero of the summer recruitment process going on. Be it the case of short attendance and completing extra assignments to cover for it. Be it the plethora of competitions and case studies that you participate in. Be it the late night parties followed by a long walk with friends on the Marine Drive. Everything is super duper amazing.


There are so many things that I can’t possibly pen it down all at one place. Every day is a new experience. Every day is a new adventure. A fun filled roller coaster ride it is. A ride which has added so many memoirs to my life. A life full of surprises and adventures. This is life @ NITIE. And for sure I love it to the core.

P.S. All the best to all the aspirants. It’s the time where you just need a last push, a bit of nitro to propel you forward. You surely will be rewarded for all the efforts that you have put in till now. Just one advice that I would like to pass to everyone. Never ever stop dreaming. Only when you dream, will you try to put it into reality. 🙂

The Financial Debacle

When He showers his love on you, He does it with all his might (As they say in Hindi “Dene waala jab bhi deta dete chappar faad k). But before you get over enthusiastic about it and start congratulating me or asking for a treat for that matter, let me tell you that nothing of that sort has happened to me. In fact the thing that is happening to me is completely complementary of the phenomenon described above.


Just like there is an evil for every sign of good. Just like there is darkness for every ray of light. Just like there is a Monday for every Sunday. And just like there is a Kapil Sibbal for every sane person, there is a second side to this phenomenon too. When He gives, He gives with all his might but when he takes, he can be lethal in his own ways. And the way He has segmented the area to target be just goes on to describe how good God is at STP. Don’t be mad at me on seeing these jargons. The only reason I am using them here is that I am unable to put them down in my answer sheet because of sheer lack of knowledge opportunity, and hence I am using them here for my satisfaction.

Coming back to the point. This day (December 19, 2011) will go down in the history of civilization as the day when financial instruments ripped Harsh Singh apart left, right and center, both physically and theoretically. On one side, it was the very awesome Financial Accounting paper set by our professor, of which I had no clue whatsoever and on the other hand, Sensex is setting its new lows every freaking day and my portfolio is going down day by day. What a tragedy !! 🙁 🙁

Going back in the timeline, 5 hours back, a jovial Harsh updated this on facebook >>

Well the opportunity cost for preparation was way too much to give it a serious thought … Plus the no of slides were way too much to give any encouragement … And to top all of them, I have grown way to careless (or should I say carefree) to give the exams the due importance … Time for the Corporate Finance extempore … Wish me Luck … coz that is all I have in my safety stock right now B-)

Until then I had one topic covered and was pretty sure that the majority of the paper would be set from the very same. But it was not to be. I was left gasping at the very sight of the paper. 10 questions. And I just knew a part of one of the questions. And that too was frisky. Had it not been for the philanthropic traits of Sarath, who was sitting next to me, I would have been forced down to write some foreign language in the paper, and hope that professor, not understanding what was exactly written, will give me the benefit of the doubt and exhibit a few philanthropic traits of his own (which seem to very optimistic going by his track record).

And as if this was not enough, I came back to my room, tired and exhausted by all the exercise my eyes had to do in order to photocopy others’ answers, only to find out that he has lost some more bucks in the stock market. Well people say profit and loss is never final until realized and let it be that way. My luck has suddenly gone for a toss and I just hope that it comes back on track as soon as possible. Until then I believe I shall give a break to all the Spartan like traits of mine and behave more like a Aam Aadmi (Mango Man).


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