The Green Trail 🌳

Trail from Kasol to Grahan. Dogs and Mules are not on speaking terms on this trail. Although they co-exist peacefully. And please note – You always give way to Mules. Coz it’s either that or you tumbling down the valley.

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

– Robert Frost

The magical village of Grahan

The place which was like a heartbeat – The magical village of Grahan

We woke up in the morning, two days prior to Holi, amidst the beautiful music of Parvati and magnificent pine trees. Kasol looked pristine as ever. Being a long weekend, the place was starting to buzz with tourists. But we intended to leave all the hustle behind and trek to the village of Grahan. This trip was all about this beautiful village, it’s lovely inhabitants, colorful huts and lots and lots of Snow.

Kasol – It’s not a place. It’s an experience. The valley is bustling with these wall graffitis.

The magnificent Parvati – and the iconic bridge

The mystical music of the river. Sleeping with this in the background.

The path from Kasol to Chhalal. We hiked and explored the place on our first day.

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An Experience called “Kasol”

Kasol, this is not a place. It’s an experience. And you got to experience it to believe. For all my friends who might mistake it for Kasauli, this is not Kasauli. Not by Far. Kasauli was the place where Jaadu, the alien, came over from another world. And Kasol? … Well !! Kasol is another world in itself. And we were the aliens. A bunch of aliens who landed there and didn’t want to go back. Not at any cost.

Amidst the busy professional life, a lot of plannings and disappointments, I finally got hold of a friend who was there to accompany me on this heavenly trip. A bus trip from Delhi to Bhuntar, high on life, watching movies like Dhol and Dhamaal all night log (courtesy the fabulous Bus we landed in to), with intermittent stops (temperature going down progressively), we reached Bhuntar from where another bus was supposed to take us to Kasol. But wait? Everything going planned can be so boring. Bus halted at a place called Zari, with no more ground to travel. Lord Shiva was sending down snow balls to welcome us aboard. He also sent a trolley, being driven by a guy who very much resembled “Bob Marley”, to carry the six of us (Birds of feather flock together 😉 ) to the final destination.

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