The first thing I noticed post leaving the airport was the sign “Towards Metro Station”. Amidst cab drivers trying to catch your attention, the sign was a breath of fresh air. I moved towards it, negating all the efforts made my cab drivers to convince me that the new Metro is not worth it and the technological growth is only for our demise.

The station was clean as a whistle. The ticketing completely automated. And the word “rush” non-existent – Advantage of having Metro in a non-Metro. Metro saved me few bucks and more importantly, a lot of time. I de-boarded at IT College [Isabella Thoburn and not Info Tech], and came across a new branch of Dastarkhwaan near my home. Good vibes already 😀

If you are an alien to your State and visit your home only on a bi-annual subscription, you would connect with what I have to say. In my earlier trips, the entire auto journey that lasted from station to home was marked by a basket of sweet and bitter memories.

Bara Imambara – Lucknow

The Gun market near Charbag always made me wonder who buys these guns. I have never seen any civilian with a gun in Lucknow. We fire bullets with our tongue and that too starting with “Aap”. Sikander Bag, the coaching Mecca of Lucknow. 2 years of cycling from Aliganj to Hazratganj is bound to leave a permanent mark in your memory. So does the trips to CCD [which, in hindsight, might cost you few marks :P] Smriti Vatika, with statue of Nehru and Gandhi, and Gomti flowing under the bridge. Gol Market, which used to host discounted sale every Wednesday. The list goes on and on.

Now, with metro making in roads, all these chapters will be skipped. May be this was what cab driver was talking about. Quite visionary. Is this the way things are supposed to be? Make way for new, while trying to hold on to as much of old as possible. I guess I got to learn from this – See how things shape out.

Lucknow is my rehab. My spiritual retreat. My temple. Whenever I am stressed out and none of my techniques seem to work, I always have Lucknow as my last resort. Memories, like Hermione’s time turner, has a magical healing effect. I am not saying that all memories are happy memories. The bitter memories, too, have their use. They have helped me much more than happy memories, in finding closure.

My city is voting tomorrow. I am here to join my people in this festival of democracy. Someday, the journey that I am on is going to bring me back here. I look forward to that day.

This is my mental detox week. For me, this week is just about reminding myself the things that I already know. The things that, at times, get lost in the hustle and bustle of city. At other times, you intentionally block them out for a larger purpose. Either way, you lose the grip. It is so difficult to attain a calm state of mind. And so easy to lose it.

I am looking forward to get back on that life frequency that I have been seeking of late.

The Bicycle

We lived in a usual 90s middle class colony. Colorful blocks arranged in a neat pattern around a park. It was like one of those monopoly boards. I was just learning to ride a bicycle then. My father used to help me mount and dismount the bicycle. The rest was taken care by me.

I used to take rounds of the park. The difficult part was the turn. Four of them in a lap. I used to go complete mental on the bell at the turns. Because God forbid if I had to apply the brakes, I would have come crashing down. After 30 minutes of peddling and executing the plan perfectly to avoid the brakes, I was helped to get down. And there ended a session of me practicing to ride the bicycle.

I was too short then to do all of it on my own. But that was not the only reason I was not learning. I was too scared to give it a try. Even when I did try, it was only when I knew there was someone who would hold me if I fall.

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The sheriff is back in Town

home sweet homeAfter a lot of contemplation and driven more by desire rather than any other force, I came back home. Home Sweet Home it is, as beautiful as ever. But I am not sure if I can say the same thing about the city. Lucknow didn’t leave me in its awe this time around. I am not sure what the reason might be. There is nothing wrong with the city, its the very same as it always was.Neither has its beauty lessened nor the etiquette has Continue reading

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4 wickets down …. 1 more to go ….. 😀 … wait a second…… I am not talking about another one of those cricket matches ….. I am talking about my semesters …. Just one more theory paper to go …. And has it not been for the nine days gap in between , I wouldn’t have come online in my hibernating days…. 😛 ….

And what did I encounter ??? …. A full inbox …. Scrapbook loaded ….a denied laptop….. and a tag by mystical …. Rules are as follows ….. you have to answer certain questions and for every answer do a google image search and pick a picture on the first page with minimal explanation……dream

1.The age you will be on your next birthday ………….. I will be finally out of the teens….yey… more a kiddo… 😀

images2.A place you’d like to travel to …………….. Ever since I saw MP3 , I

always wanted to visit the Eiffel ….. 😉


3.Your favorite Place ……. Undoubtedly , India Gate ….. just love the place …. Feels so great to be there …. The atmosphere is just brilliant and you can’t resist spending whole day sitting there and enjoying the view …..

butter-chicken4.Your favorite Food / Drink …….now that’s a very good question ….. no second thoughts ….. any dish related to chicken and just see me pouncing over it ….. yummiieee……. 😀 …. And about my favorite drink ….. give me anything and I will not hesitate sending it down my throat …

5.Your favorite pet ……. As they say , Dog is man’s best friend …. So why to leave my best friend for someone else ….. I just looovvvve dogs ……

devil6.Your favorite color combination ……..Lets see….which combination is the most dazzling…..a clear cut symbol of the devil ….. BLACK and RED …… never mess with the combo…. 😀 ….clothing

7.Your favorite piece of clothing ….. nothing in particular …. Anything that I wear becomes my favorite …. P.S. anytime , Black is my color …. Any piece of clothing … just that it should be black in color …. 😉

8.You all time favorite song …….. the song that I can go on listening for the whole day … again and again …. Without getting even a touch bored or sounding repetitive…..

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
lp It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

Hats off to LP …

9.Your favorite TV show ….. Damn it….I don’t have time for such idiotic shows…. 😡

shhh10.Full name of your Significant other : SSSHHHHHHHHHHH……………. 😛lucknow

11.The town in which you live in : Just love the town I live in …… It’s the city of nawabs , Lucknow ……. Feels so royal out here…..

untitled12.Your screen name / nickname …… Isn’t it obvious …. Magicalharsh ….. but that’s just for my blog …. Otherwise its CYBER MAFIA everywhere else …. 😉 ….. doesn’t that sound so cool …..1

13.Your First Job …… Oops ! I am still unemployed 🙁

414.Your Dream Job ……. Never gave a thought to it ….. I think still there is some time left before I start thinking about my dream job ….. Right now I should think about something like “My dream Report Card” or something else on the similar line….3

15.Bad Habit you have ……….. Excuse me….haven’t I told you that I am an ideal student with none of the bad habits whatsoever 😛 …… a clear role model to everyone …. And the best part of me…..I never lie…. 😉

hacked16.Your worst fear ….. To wake up one day …… and to find myself unable to log into any of my accounts …. Getting hacked is my deadliest fear ….. surely I am suffering from Hackophobia…. 🙁paraglider

17.The one thing you would like to do before you die ……. Hmmmm…..there are a number of things that I would like to do ….. but can’t think of anything particular that I would really push for …… may be paragliding is something I will love to have an experience of …….an experience of seeing the world from a bird’s eye….

millionaire18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000 ………. Being a millionaire ….. wow ….. what if I become a millionaire !!!! …… the first thing that I would buy is a Ferrari Enjo ….. I just love the design …..

I hope I did it well enough ….. loved doing the tag …..did it in a hurry ofcourse ….. my exams are yet not over…. 🙁 ….. passing it on to Sakhi , Meghna and Prarthana …….