Kothaligad Fort Trek

Know that feeling when you just can’t let your life halt. You just want to keep running. Keep exploring. Keep ticking out the items from your “to do” list.

Well !! I know that feeling. Earlier this year, I had gifted myself with a promise and list of treks for the upcoming monsoon season. Though I was not able to sweep the list completely clean, I still managed to explore most of the places from that list. Or should I say “we” rather than “I” – coz “I” stands tall but alone, but “we” always stick together to the very end, even though it has to lie a little low. I find pride in having few awesome friends who have always stood up to chose a rough outing in hills over lying warm and cozy in their bed on a lazy weekend morning. We have somehow managed to continue being in NITIE even after passing out (Passing out as in getting our degree and stuff, and not “PASSING OUT” :P)

Anyways, monsoons have gone away now – Much to my dismay, but one can only wait. Kothaligad Fort Trek was our last trek this monsoons. A small fort (just over 3000 feet) situated near Karjat – A relatively easier trek compared to what we had experienced earlier in the season – Still, somehow, it marked a perfect goodbye to the Rain Gods.

Let me take you through a photo tour of this trek.

The pinnacle you see at the top - That was our destination

The pinnacle you see at the top – That was our destination

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On the Rocks – Sandhan Valley Trek

I started this year with a promise to myself that I would travel as many places as I could. It hasn’t been going exactly how it was planned but still every now and then I feel content and not guilty at wasting my weekend. Our group has split up post NITIE (quite obviously), many of the others who stayed are too busy with their office, and the rest … the rest are either getting engaged or married (Full Stop for most of the bro-outings :P).

Anyways, this fine weekend I decided to go for the Sandhan Valley trek along with an amazing set of people whom I didn’t knew. The known strangers, thanks to Mumbai Travellers. Just for the info and creating an impression that I know everything, Sandhan valley (famously know as the “Valley of Shadow” – sounds spooky isn’t it :P) is a canyon located in the Western Ghats. Starting from Mumbai via the last local, we (Me plus three strangers who bonded together to form another version of Chaai Sutta Chronicles by the end of the journey) reached the last stop, Kasara, around 3 in the morning. After a lot of efforts, our lead guide managed to gather us all together at one place and took our attendance (I felt like giving a proxy for someone but unfortunately, everyone had turned up :P).

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