The Twists and Turns

The very same time of year it is … Suddenly you feel like doing anything and everything … Suddenly you have got so many plans which need to be executed right there and right now … Suddenly you start praying for the days to pass by as quickly as they can … And suddenly you start enjoying everything apart from studies …

I have moved for Ghaziabad to Mumbai … from B.Tech to an MBA … from Quantum to MS Powerpoint … But the feeling is still the very same as it was four years ago … The feeling that you get when you have got an exam (or may be two, if you are lucky enough) dancing right in front of you with open arms, ready to embrace you, ready to push you down to the era of uncertainties … a place from where you can’t see anything but the date when they are supposed to get over …

Few things might have changed but a majority of them still remain the very same …

>> 11th hour preparation …

>> Calculating the time which is required to cover the syllabus and then starting right at the deadline … And end up going to the exam hall with hardly half the syllabus covered …

>> You develop an intense liking towards world wide web (especially Facebook :P)

>> Suddenly developing an addiction to movies …

>> Insomnia, which troubles you all the year around, suddenly decides to leave you and let you fall in the never ending world of dreams …

>> Life suddenly becomes super hectic and you can’t help hoping to buy some time to kill …

>> And last, but not the least, in the middle of the night, you completely turn philosophical and start analyzing everything, right from the movement of lizard crawling nearby to your Karma and ultimate purpose of your life …

Amazing thing this is .. Exams .. And with my student life moving towards its completion, I have started loving them for no reason 😛 😉

Two days hence the exams will end, and so will be my first year … So many things happened in this year that I could hardly recollect them … I will soon be moving towards my first step in the professional life with my summer internship with DBS, starting from this Monday. Wish me luck guys (not for the exams 😛 ) …

Just one more year to go as a student … And a lifetime to follow as a man … B)


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All izz Well …

This movie doesn’t need any introduction . I always look upto Aamir Khan to come up with a gem every year and this year too , he has not disappointed me . “3 Idiots” is based on the novel “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat and is one of the , if not the most awaited movie of this year . The movie is “awesome” , “marvelous” , “fantastic” and any other positive adjective that you could associate with it .

Well there is not a single scene in the movie where you will find yourself bored , or even experience a bit of interest-loss . The movie has a lot more of “FPS” in it then I expected . All the songs are so well timed and the supporting cast ( Sharman , Madhavan , Boman and Kareena …. apart from Aamir , everyone was in supporting role . The guy gets all the limelight for himself 😛 ) has played their part brilliantly . All the events are well chained and its clearly visible that everyone has put in a lot of effort in the making .

If you are an engineering , or even a college student , you will obviously find an additional attachment with the movie . God I loved what happened with the Rattu-Tota (muggers ) in the movie . A clear proof of how useless exams can be and how useful Vodka can be in the real context   😛  .

Final Verdict : I will rate it 4.5 /5 . I bet you will be laughing all the way through the movie ….. Shows are running houseful all around the country . So go and get your tickets booked now . “3 Idiots” is a must watch . 😀

~~!! Spoiler Alert !!~~

P.S. There was just one flaw I found in the movie . In the end , the new born kid to Mona Singh ( Jassi ) was not crying and was not even showing any signs of movement . Everyone thought he was dead . But then someone said “All Iz Well” and the baby kicked Aamir . Then everyone started singing the same song and the baby came back to life . lol . Some “Bollywood Spice” in the end .  😛


A guest post by Abhishek


I never knew this diwali would’nt start with a celebration … rather it would start with a mental trauma of 2 hours …… 14 Oct was the day i landed in my city and after a complete day of rest n sleep 15 Oct was the day when i recieved that call from my friend Vivek which i regret recieving…the devil on the other side of the phone asked me to book tickets for the I day matinee show of the Blue film…oops….film Blue….that’s better :lol:

As i had a few contacts….courtesy my uncle…..i arranged 6 tickets of the matinee show but then i made a dreadful decision:yes yes i decided to accompany them and have my share of 2 hour torcher….god !!!! what got into me ???

As far as the storyline of this movie is cocerned…the story revolves around a ship that carried the treasure that the britishers decided to return to India,after India’s independence,as a symbol of goodwill..But as this ship was in the middle of its journey the captain of the ship intentionally drowns the ship to get the entire treasure and to establish a perfect example of forgery but ultimately fails and why would’nt he when the director of the movie wants so….

Now the story moves to the world of today….Aarav Malhotra(Akshay Kumar) is a super rich businessmen and Saagar(Sanjay Dutt) is his employee cum friend.Mona(Lara Dutta) is  Saagar’s girlfriend….amazingly….because she always looked like Sanjay’s daughter in the film…..beware sanju baba … your age has started having its toll on you …..

Saagar has a good for nothing brother named Sameer cum Sam(Zayed Khan) who knows how to drive bikes fast and how to start thinking about the family planning after the I meeting with a girl…Nikki(Katrina Kaif) is one more character of the movie,incorporated without any purpose,who Sam falls in love with…

Aarav always tries to convince Saagar to go for the treasure hunt as he knows the ocean better then the fishes…at least that’s what the movie says…but for some emotional reason Saagar keeps turning down his offer with anger.In the meanwhile Sam fails to complete an assignment of a guy called Gulshan(Rahul Dev) who asks him to return 50 million $ for the bag that Sam lost & failed to deliver,as if it contained the crown of queen Elizabeth,failing which Sam would be killed and would loose Katrina which according to me is a bigger loss than life for a guy like Zayed :lol:

As expected from Zayed,he runs back to his brother Sameer fearing to be killed but Gulshan somehow follws him to Bahamas and poses a threat to his life there also…which i think is a noble work as he was trying to save us from many more flop films by killing Zayed…but Akki does’nt want to see us happy as he saves Zayed and comes to know about the 50 million $ story.

Now Aarav n Sam both together try to convince Saagar for the treasure hunt.This is the point where the audience comes to know the reason of Saagar’s refusal,the death of his father on the same ship during an under water opeartion where he was also accompanying his father but at last they(all three) decide to go for the treasure hunt and finally succeed to find the treasure but then the curtains are raised from a thundering and unpredictable suspense…ok enough of the crap….the suspense of the movie is not even worth mentioning….when it is revealed the first thing you have to say is:I always knew that !!!!!!

Why to go for this movie:

1.Kylie Minogue…man she is splendid in the song “chiggy wiggy” which is the USP of this film….I also wanna chiggy wiggy with you baby !!!!!

2.Some really cool underwater scenes….that really seem pleasant to the eye….

3.Sanjay’s amazing dance in the song “chiggy wiggy”…… sanju baba seems to be posing a threat to hrithik…..beware duggu !!!!!

4.If you have a lot of money and don’t know how to waste it..

5.If you believe that you are mentally tough and can withstand any mental torcher…..

Why not to go for this movie:

1.If you hold any expectation of seeing a decent movie don’t opt for this one…

2.Go and buy crackers for that money…they would produce a better impact than this movie…

2.You have so many options available afterall…KFC is one of them….:wink:

Slumdog Millionaire

This week is turning out to be my lucky week …. I am enjoying holidays …. practicals went fine …. got my hands around latest crack for windows vista ….. and the icing on the cake – this movie titled “Slumdog Millionaire” ….. 




P.S. Spoilers ahead …. 😀

This is a story of a impoverished Indian boy  who started his life in the slum of Mumbai and somehow landed up in a show “Who wants to be a millionaire” ….. More than the show , the story is about the incidents that young Jamal Malik go through ….. The director Danny Boyle has more than succeeded in drawing the real life portrait of a poor boy (referred to as slumdog by many) , his life and Indian society …..

So , the boy Jamal makes it to the show “Who wants to be a millionaire ?  ” somehow, not for any desire of money but for his love to see him …… and he  happens to hit the jackpot …. he is able to win 10 million rupees…… but the host Anil Kapoor could not digest the fact and gets the boy  arrested for fraud …..

The cop Irfan Khan interrogates him for the clue and in Jamal’s words “If You would  ask me the question …. I will give you the answer” …… he explains how an uneducated boy like him  happens to know all the answers to the question …. how he happened to know whose picture is portrayed on a 100 $ bill , but didn’t knew whose face it is on a 1000 Rs. note …… how he happened to know who invented revolver …. how he knew where was the Cambridge Circus …… how he knew the answers to all the seemingly impossible tricky questions ….. how he recalled the incidents of his life to tell the answers to the questions ……

Everyone is convinced and the boy is realeased …. He makes it back to the show for the final question ….. the final question for 20 million Rs…..whole nation glued to the TV set ….. Here comes the final question …… can he answer this question ???? ….. Can a slumdog be a millionaire ???? ….. find it out yourself !!! ….

This movie is nominated for 4 golden globes and has already won many awards ….I will give it a 4 out of 5 …..

If I were the PM of India

Until my mind took a turn and I decided to opt engineering as my career , the aim of my life was to become the Prime Minister of India … 😉 …. To become the senior most minister ….. with all the administrative powers …… the power to bring forth any reform I would like …… seriously , here is a list of what I would have done if they make me PM of this country ……


Make me the PM of India and the first clause that you will find amended will be the clause on ragging ….. it would read something like this ,

”Ragging is a wonderful act and any student found involved in this activity shall be rewarded ……. Any student found trying to escape from this activity will be expelled from the institute and can also be imprisoned for few days …….. strict action will be taken by the authorities against the freshers who oppose this peaceful act of the seniors” ……. 😛





All the movies that make their way to the theatre will be made total free of cost for the students …… 😉 …… No no no …. Don’t think what an irresponsible and a waste of PM I am ……. I will make sure our economy don’t go the gutter …… the people without the student ID will be liable to pay thrice the normal price of the ticket …… and so will be the dudes with their girlfriends …. 😛 …… Mr. PM only serves the needy …. Not the greedy …. 😉 …….


We all are equal ….. that would be the message I will put forward ……. No reservations for anyone ….. admissions will be based only on merit …… I won’t have any guy named Arjun Singh in my cabinet ……. And I won’t have any quotas to favour the reserved ones and to snatch the seats from the deserving ones …… Hip hip hurray …… 😀 …… P.S. no reservations even for girls .…. 😡 ….. I don’t mind a ratio of 10:1 in any branch ……


Any institute found holding an extra class on a declared holiday will be severely punished …… even a complaint launched against the institute ….. and Mr. Principal …. Pack your bags for a trip ….. a trip to the jail for a day or two …… so that you could also experience same sufferings which you made the students to go through …… 😡 …….


A lot and lot of plans I hold in my mind ….. 5 long years of my span will be enough to implement these plans …… no student will be held back for short attendance …… assignments will be made compulsory only for the muggers …… exam schedule will be decided by the students through voting …… DC will never interfere in the student’s business …… bunks will be made compulsory…..and the dictatorship of the college management will become a thing of the past …… Any further suggestions are most welcome ……. I won’t hesitate in incorporating them in my list ….. Who knows….. If I really become PM one day…. 😉