Things that Nobody Knows 🤷‍♂️

‘Cyclone’ is a wonderful word. It signifies ‘turning in a circle’, just as the one-eyed Cyclops who gave Odysseus so much trouble might have done.

“Nice coincidence”, I thought to myself, as these were the first few words I read this morning. I have been reading this book “The Things that Nobody Knows” by William Hartston. When I picked this book, I went into a logical thought loop –

  • If these are the things that nobody knows, then how did the author know these things.
  • If there are things that nobody knows about, then there would be infinite things, as we do not even know that we do not know these things.
  • If there is no such thing that nobody knows, then there still will be one fact that no one will know – the knowledge that ‘there is nothing that we don’t know’ will always be missing

But let us park this philosophical stupidity for the moment, and talk about this book. 501 Mysteries of Life, the Universe and Everything – From lesser-known facts that ‘a day on Venus lasts longer than a year on Venus’ to even more lesser-known facts that the majority of giraffes are gay (See how I used less right after more, much like our life). This book, really, was about things that nobody knows.

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Green Leaves

It has been a decade since I started this blog. The journey from Blogger to WordPress, from engineering to masters to corporate life – it has both been a short time and a long one. Short in the terms of the overall scheme of things, and long in terms of me as a person. I favor reading a lot more than writing, nowadays – It has come with a lot of patience in my life – And I often find myself wondering about things I didn’t know exist.

Still, I wish I write more. I am not sure if it is a mental block or just a case of priorities. Is this space just a pensive or is it still alive? I will admit that I am not sure anymore. I wish to find that out for myself, and hence you find me here, blabbering without a particular theme in mind.


Wadala House and the Mango Tree

June has been a GREEN month for me. Backpacking across Meghalaya for a week was a much needed detoxification. I encountered the first rains of the season. Flying back to Mumbai, I found the west branch of Monsoons greeting me. Even Bangalore was gleaming with wonderful colors as sky poured incessantly, This is the most tranquil part of the year, which rejuvenates everything – living and animate alike. It does come with side effects, but I believe it has a lot of pros than cons. A festival which spans across months – Monsoons is a pleasant reminder that even a metropolitan like Mumbai has to mend its ways as per the dictate of Nature – And it’s citizens happily go the prescribed path.
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It’s still raining here. Monsoons have been with us for almost two months now. They will be leaving soon. But until then, the city will continue to be at it’s most beautiful. 

September is here. That part of the year when you take a pause and think – “Wow!! The year has almost ended. But it started only some time ago”. That’s the beauty of time. It runs as fast as a Gazelle when it wants to. Otherwise, it just drags along link a stoned snail. 

But when you know that it’s galloping away, you should make sure to hold on as tightly as you could and just enjoy the ride 😀

Exams, Conflicts and Doomsday

I have been out of this space for almost two months. And just when I was running out of options as to what is it going to take to pull me out of the writer’s block, here come this very good old sadist friend of mine -End Term Exams. And as I have already cribbed about a million times, there is nothing in the world that you won’t find interest interest in during this particular time (except studying of course)

I can’t help wondering that few months down the line we all are going to miss this terribly. Exam scheduled at 9 in the morning is anyways far better than a sales report presentation before your boss in the morning (courtesy: various grunted dissatisfied complaining FB status of my seniors ;)). Placement are approaching and with the onset of the new year (If it comes after all), we all will be all suited up for the campus recruitment process 😀

Coming back to the point – Exams. It is one of those things that you can’t live with and neither could you live without. Only two more instances and it will be gone. Forever and Forever. And we will see our juniors’ updates next year concerning the same thing and will be like – “Dudes .. Stop complaining. You don’t know how lucky you guys are”. Don’t get me wrong here. I, by no means, am getting nostalgic right now. I so much want to run away from this phase ASAP 😉

Anyways, 21/12/12 is highly sought for. Partly because Doomsday is to be tested and majorly because end terms are getting over and it will be one last chance to go bezzerk before everyone lefts for home and I will be stuck back here in the hostel. Loads of loads of free time to think about all the things in the world and go down, down and further down :/

Ever felt so helpless? You know what is bothering you. You know it should not bother you. And you also know the steps you need to take to prevent it from bothering you. But alas!! you can’t convince yourself to do it. You brain keeps on shouting at your heart “Stop making me look like a fool all the time”. But Dil to hai Dil 😛 😛

Roadmap from now on – Survive the Exams .. Survive the doomsday .. Survive the new year celebrations .. Get placed .. and then fly right into the hearts of Delhi and Lucknow – places where all the people that matter are locked up.

P.S. Ignore any grammatical mistakes. In all probabilities you wouldn’t have read it completely, but still 😉


Time is Ticking By


Life at NITIE

NITIE – God’s own campus

Time has this unusual thing about it. In a 2 hours class, it appears to take a decade for it to pass by. And otherwise? Otherwise it passes at the same speed at which we used to run after the school used to get over. 5/7 MBA almost done. 5th mod has almost come to an end and I can bet my life on the fact that the next 2 mods will also pass by in a ziffy.

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