Ever tried being numb?

Have you ever tried sitting by the sea face in sheer chill, shivering all night, looking at sea and letting go your senses?

Have you ever tried walking miles and miles and miles without thinking about your destination or purpose, for that matter?

Have you ever tried forcing yourself to stay awake for days stretched?

Have you ever tried to be mad at everyone around you without any particular reason?

Have you ever tried to convince yourself that you are the only living sample whose life follows Murphy’s law?

Have you ever tried to do something impossible and laugh at yourself for even thinking of doing that?

Have you ever tried to be numb, analogous to a rock, not affected by anything?

Have you ever tried to live your life the way you want it to, go by your heart and not listen to anyone else?

Have you ever tried to be yourself?

I have. And if you have not, try it once 🙂

Try .. Test .. Adapt

Do unto others as you do unto you … A very old saying isn’t it? .. One of our very own which we use to pass on to others .. One of the thousands of ingredients from our intellectual cart which we rarely use .. But frequently pass on to others …

Well did it ever happen to you that someone approaches you for an advice to his or her problem … You were all ears and after listening to the problem you were like “OMG … Such a trivial thing and you are ruffled by it?? Unbelievable” … And then you become all philosophical, give out real life examples, inspire the other person to be brave, take it to be destiny, stop thinking about what has happened as it can’t be changed and blah-blah-blah … And a few days later you are hit by the same problem and all your preachings, all your philosophy, all your practicality and all your rationality goes to drains and you find yourself caught in an undertow, transfixed and helpless … The same question to which you had thousands of solutions a week back appears to be impossible to solve now …

Then why do we do it? … Why do we try to console someone even when we know that being there, we would have done the same … Why do we say but never realize that after all “it’s easier said than done” …

When I gave it another thought I found quite a few explanations to this irrational human behavior … May be when we approach someone for help, that’s not one of our primary concerns … We are not exactly looking for a piece of help or advice … All distressed and gloomy, solitude appears to profound the effect and hence all that we need at that particular point of time is to be heard, to have someone to empathize with you, to realize that there is someone who is by your side even during the darkest of times…

And there is no perfect solution to any of the problem … It’s all about how you respond when you know that this is a question which will continue to haunt you until solved, and there is no way to solve it … We try something … We test something … And then finally we adapt … And this happens to be the solution most of the times … All the other things that you get as an advice are just a few drugs which help you survive until you are out of it … You never want to solve it on your own … But ultimately you have to … No one can give you an ultimate cure … The onus is always, and always on you ….



The Flower and the Butterfly

Well everyone of us can relate to this in one way or the other to our life.  Just the way it is. When a butterfly is born, well it is not the same vibrant and multicolored beauty that we all know it as. It is colorless, just like the pure mind of a little child. The mind which is open to any thing which might be carved upon the same, the very thing which turns out to be the deciding factor in the way the child’s inclination takes a turn. A blank paper, equally open to all the ideas that could be penned down on the same. And then that is the thing it knows. In fact that is the only thing it knows.

Just the same way, a butterfly sets on its voyage, unnoticed by everyone, not a subject of awe. In particular, nothing of a substance. But then it meets so many beautiful flowers that add such a beauty to this beautiful planet. The small butterfly takes it time to explore all these flowers, dazzled by the beauty of the same, confused as to which one to approach first, unsure as to how will it be able to pay a visit to all the beautiful creations. But then, ultimately, one of the flowers get lucky. One of the flowers get lucky enough to impart the first set of colors to the butterfly’s soft and tender wings. This is the way the butterfly gets the first set of colors.

And then as the time passes, more and more flowers impart their color to the butterfly, making it more beautiful  than ever. Then a time comes when everyone starts noticing the butterfly. Kids are in awe of it, adults just praise the sheer beauty it possesses, and mother Nature proud to have such a beautiful resident.

But what about the flowers? Do they restrict the butterfly to remain with them? No. Do they behave as if they have done a favor to it? No. Do they feel jealous of other flowers doing the same? I believe No. And neither does the butterfly forgets this and get occupied by the false pride. That is the beauty of the non homo-sapiens. They never get self centered. Butterfly keeps visiting the flowers. Collecting nectar might be one of the reasons, but it knows that its very existence is because of the flowers. And the flowers too are aware of the fact that they might pass away in a day or two, but the memory of their beauty and existence will always be kept alive by this beautiful thing that will continue to visit different places.

This is the way things should be in our life. We might be a flower to many of the people and a butterfly to others. Whatever the case might be,we should understand the beauty of each and every relationship. No one is perfect and in every relationship, both the involved parties are in need of each other, imparting something to the other and extracting something from the other at the same time. This small fact of truce, if understood, can surely help you carve out a beautiful experience out of your life. Everything in nature teaches you something or another. Good Luck Homo Homo Sapiens.

Image Courtesy >> http://www.tara-west.com/