The gift of new beginnings,
The sorrow of unfinished journeys.

The promise of new experiences,
The miss of a lost touch.

Some old faces. Some new ones.
Mornings and Nights.

I looked at the horizon.
Last reminiscence of a setting Sun.

A string that binds past to the future.
And connects place to place.

Where can I find that string, I wonder.
Whom should I ask for it?

A voice echoes within me.
The string is you. You yourself are the string you are looking for.
Never let go.


It’s been a long time since I have posted something here. The reasons being manifold but as they say “Better Late than Never” 😀 😉

It’s been long since I was tagged by someone. The reasons, once again, could be manifold 😛 😉 But thanks to Kamikaze, the jinx is broken and I take this opportunity to come out of my so called “Vanvaas” from the blogging world.

Moving straight away to the tag. First things first, let’s have a look at the rules, which are pretty simple (unlike the task that follows).

Tag rules :

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

One Boy vs Eleven Questions :

1. What is your favorite cartoon character and how do you relate its traits to real life?

Wow. That’s tricky. My favorite cartoon character has always been Scooby Doo, but I am unsure how could I relate his traits to mine. Had I been a dog, it would have been very simple, but unfortunately I was born a Homo Sapien.

He sniffs, he eats like anything and he is as coward as it could get. All these characteristics, in one or the other way, reminds me of some of my friends, whose names I would not wish to take on this public platform 😀 😉

But at the same time he is extremely lucky and this is one trait that I am proud to share with him. He encounters ghosts every now and then and so do I, in libraries, classrooms and any sensible place I set my foot upon. He is tall, smart and has a great sense of humor and apart from being a dog, he has everything one would wish to have (including Daphne, of course 😀 😉 )

2. What attachment do you think can keep you from salvation?

This one is a sitter 😀 :D. Attachment or no attachment, I am cent percent sure that I can never achieve salvation. Further, I tend to build very strong attachments with those who are close to my heart, and I would always go for them instead of salvation. Let’s face it. Salvation sounds boring. Evil doesn’t 😀 😉

3. Name one character from books/movies that you admired and why.

As soon as I saw this question, only one name struck my mind >> BATMAN. Just because of the sheer charisma that he possesses, his style, his attitude, his confidence, every bit of him imbibes within me admiration for him.

4. If you were to write a book with you as the lead, what would be the genre of the book?

Seedhi Baat No Bakwaas. I would write Harry Potter with me playing the role of Lord Voldemort. Andhera Kaayam Rahe 😀 😀


5. Which language do you think in and how does it help?

When I am happy I think in Hindi. And when I am sad or angry, I think in English. Somehow Hindi amplifies my happiness and English does the other way round. Draamebaazi 😛 😉

6. If you are new to a niche group, for example a seminar on a technology you have no clue about and everybody except you seems comfortable with the jargon, how do you try and fit in? You act smugly confident or intelligently curious?

Trust me when I say this. I am a born liar and King of Deception. I am so good in this that I can even convince Newton that it was a monkey who threw that damn apple at him (Sad that neither Newton nor that monkey is alive anymore). To sum up, fitting in such a situation is just like a walk in the park 😉

7. Name one quality of yours you admire without a tinge of narcissism.

I am tooooooooooooo humble ^_^ (I say this with NIL narcissism and a lot of sarcasm 😉 )

8. What is one faux pas you would never want to make? And are most susceptible to making!

Pass Pass Pass. I didn’t get this question. If you did, then please answer this question on my behalf 😀 😀

9. Umm…tell me a joke

A lot of them are coming to my mind right now, but once again, can’t tell them on this public platform 😉

10. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of as a person?

Hmmnnn… I have done a lot of things and have failed a multiple times too. I was good with people those were a part of my life and not so good with a few too. Many a times I put others before myself and many a times I don’t. But amidst all these, the one factor that really makes me proud that I have managed to be the same as I was a few years back. Circumstances caught hold of me at times, but I managed to come out of the same without changing myself. And this is one accomplishment that I wish to redo again and again and again 😀 😀

P.S. Those who think otherwise GTFO 😉

11. This is a cliched one. Tell us a hobby/sport that most people don’t know you’re good at.

The poet inside me is still hidden from all. I write poems but don’t publish it because they are way too personal. Rest of the queries regarding the same will be taken offline 😉

Now when the tag is done, I am supposed to tag 11 people. But I see that most of the people have already done this tag plus I am toooo lazy to proceed with the rules. So anyone who wishes to take up this tag, you are most welcome to do so. Enjoy doing this tag 😀 😀


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Standing at the edge of the Cliff

And then you find yourself
standing at the edge of the cliff

You never thought time would push you so far
And will leave you with so prominent a scar

You look back at things that could have gone right
And you could still have it held on so tight

There is no point standing there and regret
Somethings in life are just meant to let go by and forget



And then you find yourself
standing at the edge of the cliff

You can’t remember who got this tree of distrust planted
May be you only took everything for granted

You never thought that you have to look at it this way
The thing which was so firm, suddenly has to sway

You can’t possibly look at me and lay the blame
Afterall it was you who initiated the game



And then you find yourself
standing at the edge of cliff

You don’t know what to do and what to say
May be you should turn around and just find your way

You never thought this would be the way it would progress
But it has, and now there is no point hoping for a regress

You were the creator, guardian and withstander
And now you stand here and act as a defender??


Life is not unfair and impartial at times

So just take my final advice and make it sure
That you don’t once again let it turn into a thoughtless tiff

Or else sooner or later you will once again find yourself

Standing at the edge
Of the very same cliff