The Lost Diary

Good morning everyone ! Sorry to break it to you but we are already two months down in the new year. It’s already March. But I don’t wish to complain. World T20 is here. And Team India is in terrific form. Hope they win World Cup on the top of the Micromax Asia Cup (or have I spoken too soon?)

An interesting thing happened today. I was digging up some of my old pics from my long lost Hard Disk and somehow landed in this particular folder. My lay there in all its pride. I had almost forgot about it. This was one diary that I scribbled (not literally – just some keystrokes I meant) everything on during my engineering days. Funny that I should find it. I did remember that I kept it locked and password was one that no mortal could crack. No way I could get through that defence. But then I realize that it is already 1 in the night and I have nothing useful to do. Plus MS OneNote doesn’t lock you out for unsuccessful attempts (That is my good guess – Though I can bet for two attempts at least coz it cracked open the third time).

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Confessions of a 90’s kid

90s KidI am a 90’s kid. And there are stuffs that we, as a generation, will be the only ones to experience. The days of WWF craze and the Super Mario. Waiting for clock to strike 5 so that you can run out to play. And after coming back, eating whatever your mom gave you really really slow. Because the end of the food meant the study time. Even a 10 minutes extended sleep in the morning now couldn’t match the 10 minutes of those times.

Time passed by and we grew. Tekken 3 became the new craze. Taking transistors to
school to listen to live commentary gave an out of the world feeling. I got my first PC when I was in 11th standard. First encounter with technology at such level, Pentium 4 felt like a dream come true. What more could have a teenage asked for back then. Or wait. There was something actually. A 64kbps Dial-Up connection. BSNL was the savior. Continue reading

That time of the Day

Half past three. I don’t know what term should I use for this time of the day. A morning approaching? A night bidding farewell? Or a meeting between the two inching closer?

Just switching over from one tab to other. Facebook seems ugly. YouTube appears obsolete. Tried blogging something down a couple of times. Didn’t work though …

Nothing wrong with me or my mood. It’s just that time of the day. I sit here in my study at my home, just like I used to 7 years back. The IIT-JEE days. The first real test of my life. I never prepared seriously for it though. I used to sit here just the way I am right now. The TV used to be set on a particular channel. I never looked at it though. I just wanted the sound to accompany me while I was solving those questions from Irodov. My brain used to be occupied with the Quantum Mechanics. And my heart. My heart was occupied with something far better.

Yeah. That time of the day. Sometime down the line RKGIT happened. This was the time of the budding engineers’ late night conversations. The time when we bonded the most. The self termed “Mafias” we were. Playing volleyball from midnight to the stroke of the morning. Intoxicated with the ecstasy of the youth, picking up fights every now and then. Making all the big plans and forgetting them the next day. Strolling down the campus, it felt like our own territory and we the undisputed rulers of the same.

Dawn approaching. 2 years back. D-110. I clearly remember the sequence of events. The CAT days. And this time I did study seriously. And this was the time of the day when I could relax and study without being concerned about a knock on the door. The cluttered room. Walls filled with the aspirations, the targets and the expectations. Expectations .. Try avoiding them as much as you can. They only complicate your path. And blur your vision.

I feel so light at this time of the day. Nothing seems right. Nothing seems wrong. The mind is completely blank. I am still miles away from even a hint of any sleep. Just switching over from one tab to other. Facebook seems ugly. YouTube appears obsolete. Tried blogging something down a couple of times. Didn’t work though. Looked back into my checklist. Everything is checked and I have got no pending work. My head is aching like crazy, but my brain is demanding for more and more work. Nothing wrong with my brain. it’s just that time of the day.

A text from here and there. May be a ping on WhatsApp. May be a mail regarding a new marketing event at some B-School. May be a call from someone very close with whom I can share this nothingness with. Again I am expecting. And again it won’t be met. Normally it’s very difficult to convince yourself about something your brain and heart don’t agree upon. But that’s not the case right now. It’s that time of the day. Only one entity is working right now. I am not sure whether it is my heart or brain. But there are no conflict of thoughts.

A plate full of fruits and other stuffs lying in front of me. Left here by my mom to ensure that his son survives through the night. My cupboard containing all my school time memories staring down at me. The top right shelf being occupied by the Harry Potter Books. The left part goes to the nerdy stuff. At the bottom lies the book of quotes. The same book which I use to consult for announcing the “Thought of the Day” every morning in the school. The Book of Quotes. I move through the pages of the book. Page no 59 – Still very clear in the memory. That blue piece of paper still lie here safe and intact. At the place where I put it 7 years back. I chose not to re-read it though. Should I tear it? Should I burn it? Should I return it to its real owner? I don’t know. I can’t decide on anything right now. Thought process isn’t working. It’s that time of the day.

It’s my last day in Lucknow. 24 hours down the line I will be moving back to Mumbai. Back to NITIE. I am home after a gap of 9 months. 2 weeks flew by in a ziffy. And nothing can stop the 1 day remaining from following the suite. Lucknow!! You will be missed. Am I getting emotional? I shouldn’t. Emotions make me weak. Or do they make me stronger? I seriously don’t know.

It’s that time of the day. My entire life is running all across me at the moment. I can see it all. All the places. All the people. All the emotions. Things that went right. Things that didn’t went that right. My success. My failure. Wrongs I did. Wrongs that were perceived to be done by me. The fun. The bonding. Friends. Groups. Trust. Happiness. Heart Breaks. Breakdowns. Support. Moments of Glory. Moments of Gloom. My best friend. My family. Everyone is participating in this showdown.

I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow. I woke through out the night all these two weeks. Trying to reform myself. Trying to introspect. Trying to analyze the things that happened. Trying to convince myself. And did I succeed? I don’t know. But I feel very light right now. Am I going back a changed person? I don’t know. But I hope a part of me does change. I have made a pact with the time. Let the time keep its part of the promise. I will keep mine.

Once again I open the book and look at that blue paper. My part of the promise says I can’t read the paper. But promises are meant to be broken. But breaking it would spoil all the hard work and conviction of two weeks. But the contents of the paper are too addictive. I got to read it once again. I don’t know what to do. Why can’t I boil down to a decision? Why can’t I? May be because it’s that time of the day. And may be I should just burn the paper down.

Sayonara 2011 :: My life from My eyes

Honestly speaking, 2011 couldn’t have been better for me. It added so many beautiful memories to my life and provided with so many new and wonderful experiences which not only added feathers to my personality but also enhanced my outlook towards life. Peaks and Valleys were there, and will always be. But the best part of this year was that the valleys proved to be more important for me compared to the peaks.

From where it started and where it ended. A classic case study of how a calendar year could fare for a mortal like me. Let me take you through this journey of mine. My life from my eyes.



Miles to Go Before I Sleep

The start of the year was marked by one of the most important milestones of my life- The MBA entrance exam results. All the hard work that I laid was bearing fruits and all the sleepless nights that I have been experiencing at the end of 2010 were shoved away by the fact that my name was displayed in the shortlists of both IIFT and FMS. This was the time I started to regain the lost belief, the belief which I lost amidst all the tension and hype, a loss which could purely be accredited to the burden of expectations and fear of failure. Still I was waiting for the big one. I was waiting for CAT.

The “CAT”astrophe

And then it happened. My worst fear came true when even after scoring a decent percentile, my expectations took a blow because of a very weak score in VA. I was sure that I won’t get a call from any of my target institutes.

We’re moving on

Despair sent me into hibernation for a while. But then the least expected happened. Good news followed the drama as I got a call from a majority of Ivy League colleges. In the meantime I also got an offer from Infosys. Welcome to the most attractive and high profile jail of the country (after the ones Kasab is kept in, obviously :P).

Little did I know that I will make it into one of my dream institutes. NITIE followed NMIMS, and then other converts just had to give way to it. NITIE was one of the two big things that happened to me in 2011 😀

Socrates Reloaded

The events of my life transformed me into a philosopher. Well that is something everyone seem to do when life is on a downcurve. Drawing analogy was one mean I resorted to in order to relieve myself by accepting the fact that it’s not happening only with me and the phase will pass. Somehow the fact that I was leaving my college, the place I spent four years, the place where I made so many wonderful friends, the place where I learned and discovered so many things and the place which made a special place in my life, only because of the people that it added to m life, was the reason which was driving me philosophical. I am glad that I came out of the shell pretty quick.

A Fresh Start

Time to put an end to RKGIT and say hello to NITIE. From B.Tech to MBA, from Delhi to Mumbai, from my own domain to a new unexplored territory. Exciting times yet my heart was reluctant to move on. But one has to adapt and slowly but surely, I started getting used to it. Life was at its eclectic best.

The First Module “Blues”

I started in NITIE right from the point I left RKGIT at. Bunking classes and short attendance continued. 11th hour preparation and Backlogs continued. But the most important part was that the Learning too continued. Both in terms of curriculum and Life. Both in terms of personal and professional life. And both in terms of punishments and suspensions 😛 😉 Still the things were not exactly the same in RKGIT and I soon realized that adjustments need to be done. The things that occupied my life now can easily be explained by this pie-chart.


The very time of the year once again. And the very same exam which occupied my heart. CAT. I could not prevent myself from appearing in it once again. Just for the sole reason that I wanted to write it once again. But this time, without any fear, without any tension and without any burden.

The First Test

Amidst all the flashbacks which kept sending me to the past, I appeared for my first “official” test in NITIE. I was excited to face this new test to see how different is this new things. But was it really different? Not much, apart from the fact that the jargons and terminologies had crept in. Apart from that, the cribbing and story telling part remained all the very same 😛 😉

Life @ NITIE

A day out of the life of a common stupid student. The time that I got for sleeping kept on decreasing as the session progressed. I somehow got habituated to all the action and started enjoying it nonetheless. I continued my battle with Insomnia but still kept on losing at its hands. The biggest trouble was the graph that my consciousness level followed from 9:30 to 5:00. I bunked a lot of classes at the start of the session but as the time progressed and my attendance fell short, I was forced to attend the classes and fight the urge to sleep right in front of professor and be subjected to detention. Challenges keep coming at your face every now ad then, and this too was one of them. But somehow I managed to stroll pass this one too.


2011 was exceptional for me, both personally and professionally. I made so many special bonds, strengthened the old ones, landed into one of my dream institutes, NITIE. Experiences, Ecstasy and Evolution. Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai. Studies, Partying and Traveling. Family, Friends and Strangers. At this moment I would like to thank each and everyone for making this one so special.


Wishing you all and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year. May all you wishes come true and you achieve everything in life before the World comes to an end late this year 😛 😉

BTW What is your New Year’s Resoltuion? 😉 😀

And what about mine??? Well this describes my New year’s Resolution perfectly 😀 😛 >>


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The horrifying tale of D-321

Going down the memory lane, somehow I was reminded of this particular event which is still so brisk in my memory as if it happened only yesterday. Something about that incident still gives me a goose flesh when I come to think of it. It was one of those mornings in the final semester. And this morning was something I could never forget. I don’t know what happened that day and how did it happen, but surely it could have killed anyone of the 5 people those were present in D-321 at that time. And “myocardial infraction” would have been blamed for the causality.

Taking you back to the final semester of ours. What a semester it was ..!! Really ..!! This was the only period in my life where I, actually, was able to follow a time table. Having got a placement very early in the semester, done with all the entrance exams and awaiting the results, not attended even a single class in the entire semester ( we even bunked the internal exams ), all that we had to do was to kill a lot and a lot and a lot of time by instrumenting one or the other “innovative” ways of ours.

In a nutshell our day used to start very early in the afternoon and used to stretch to early in the morning until 5 or 6 ( yeah “Early to bed and early to rise” has been my motto all throughout my life 😀 ). So this particular incident which I am referring to took place during one of those “early” mornings. Tired by an eventful day ( after spending a lot of time at Nescafe, followed by a tour of the only most happening place in the city and infinite rounds of “29” ) we finally decided to retire for the day. Though we happened to have been allotted single seater rooms in the final year ( the rooms which were really spacious – the only thing I could actually boast of our college ), we still loved to flock together in a particular room numbered D-321, which was our bedroom to say the least.

Now let me introduce you to the characters of the stories and the venue where the incident took place. It was a messy room, clothes spread all around, walls filled with all types of creations and censored writings, cooler struggling to keep up with the outstanding demand (we bought the cooler on a sharing basis – one of the reasons for high occupancy of the room 😛 ) and the most useless part of the room – its 5 occupants who were lying there, snoring in a way as if they were the most carefree persons on this planet.

One of them was “yours truly” who was occupying the bed that day (we got the chance to sleep on the bed on a rotational basis ). The other lucky person whose turn it was to enjoy the royalty of the bed was Abhishek (who, for the records, has a phobia that the day he sleeps alone in his own room would be hijacked by a group of hippy aliens who would do weird experiments on him). I guess due to the same reason he has never considered the possibility of sleeping in his room right through the four years. Now coming to the subjects who were lying on the mat on the ground. Nikhil and Ashutosh, who were the day scholars and were residing illegally in the hostel ( Courtesy to the awesome electricity in Ghaziabad and the fact that their inverter was not strong enough to offer them even few hours of sweat-free sleep). And in one of the corners, lying like a denounced poor kid, who appeared very thankful to His Almighty to have got some space to sleep, was the “official” owner of the room, Emraan.

So the things were going on much like an usual day. Tired from the day, I lost my conscious in a matter of seconds and was pushed to the lap of dreams. I don’t exactly remember what I was dreaming because the event that followed made me forget everything that was in my mind at that point of time. There was a huge scream in the room, one which shook me from head to toe. I knew that something terrible has happened and someone was hurt very badly. I sat up, shivering, and what I saw at that moment heightened the horror even more. Nikhil was shouting relentlessly, the shrillness of his scream increasing progressively. The terror was clearly visible in his eyes. Emraan was standing just a few steps away from Nikhil. He was bending down and had his hands locked with those of Ashutosh. They both were also shouting like anything. Things were very clear to me by then. Something had happened to Nikhil. Something very bad. Something had bitten him or may be he saw something that had scared the hell out of him. And apparently both Emraan and Ashutosh knew what has happened.

It was such a tensed atmosphere. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. The first thought that came to my mind was to run outside the room and search for the cause. Then I thought of searching beneath the bed for any snake or something on those lines. My mind also struck the possibility of a dog biting him ( The same dog who had been coming to the room quite often to find a shelter beneath the bed). All these things happened in a flash of a second. Unsure of what to do, how to react, I also started shouting like anything ( possibly to call out for a help or may be that is what we normally do when we are scared like hell ). In few moments Abhishek, who was sleeping beside me, was also up and he did no different but to follow suite. And there were we 5 of us looking at each other and shouting like someone has thrust a sword up our ass. We continued in the same way for few minutes until we began to realize that it wasn’t helping our cause in any way. And then slowly but surely we started to calm down. It was time to act sensibly and quickly find out the cause and arrange for the remedy. Something had to be done pretty quickly.

Abhishek ( to Nikhil ) : What the hell happened ???

Nikhil : *blank*

Me : For God sake speak what happened ???

Nikhil : *blank*simply staring at everyone

Everyone (in unison) : Say something … Why the hell were you shouting ????

Nikhil (who finally spoke but only to add to our shock) : I don’t know …

Me : You don’t know ??? … Then why were you shouting ??? …

Nikhil : I don’t know … (His face was still blank. He appeared clueless as to what has happened, as were we)

Abhishek ( to Emraan and Ashutosh ) : Why the F were you both shouting then ??

Ashutosh : I woke up to find these two morons shouting and thought something wrong has happened and I too started shouting.

( Everyone’s glare turned to Emraan)

Emraan : I stood up to search for the water bottle and suddenly he sat up and started shouting. I thought he saw some ghost and hence I also started shouting.

(At this point everyone was blank … The silence was broken by Abhishek, who turned to me and asked me the very same question)

Abhishek : Why the hell were you shouting???

Me : For the same reason for which you and everyone else were shouting.

( *Blank* *Blank* *Blank* )

And then we sat there for how much time I don’t exactly remember. Not uttering a word, not even moving a bit, just staring at each other. There was a pin drop silence in the room and I was wondering why has not anyone approached us by then listening to the havoc we just created. It was almost 2 minutes of non stop screaming on our part. 5 idiots sitting there and shouting. And shouting for what??? They didn’t know.

It took quite some time for my heart to stop pounding and come back to normal. The recovery phase begin then. All of us started cursing Nikhil like anything. Sometimes one by one, sometimes in unison. And there he was sitting there, head bowed down, listening like an obedient child who just committed a mistake. I wonder if he was listening to us at all and not still in a shocked state, lost in the thoughts trying to recollect and find an answer to “What exactly did happen to him??” Nikhil has been known in our group to do unconventional things, but this was far far fetched.

Then after we were done with all the curses and abuses, we sat down wondering what could have happened to him?? … May be it was a scary dream … May be Emraan woke him up while he was trying to get the bottle and it triggered him in some way … May be he woke up to see the dog sitting right there in front of him (which must have given him an impression of a demon sitting underneath the bed). Unable to recognize the creature in front of him and not knowing what to do, he must have screamed, while the dog escaped amidst all the confusion … Or may be it was a combination of all three … May be …

We all sat there, trying to find the fun part in all the confusion. Someone was blaming Vinit to have come there in his animagus form (the dog) and scared Nikhil. Someone was reflecting upon the fact what the dog would have gone through seeing all this ( he surely wasn’t coming back to this room of freaks). Many things said and done, we decided to forget the incident by shoving it away in a laughter and go back to sleep. But no one slept that day. Everyone was lying there with their eyes closed. Everyone was lying there scared. Everyone was lying there, still having the goose flesh …….. Everyone was lying there, asking this very question to themselves – “What exactly did happen??” … Especially Nikhil …