The Financial Debacle

When He showers his love on you, He does it with all his might (As they say in Hindi “Dene waala jab bhi deta dete chappar faad k). But before you get over enthusiastic about it and start congratulating me or asking for a treat for that matter, let me tell you that nothing of that sort has happened to me. In fact the thing that is happening to me is completely complementary of the phenomenon described above.


Just like there is an evil for every sign of good. Just like there is darkness for every ray of light. Just like there is a Monday for every Sunday. And just like there is a Kapil Sibbal for every sane person, there is a second side to this phenomenon too. When He gives, He gives with all his might but when he takes, he can be lethal in his own ways. And the way He has segmented the area to target be just goes on to describe how good God is at STP. Don’t be mad at me on seeing these jargons. The only reason I am using them here is that I am unable to put them down in my answer sheet because of sheer lack of knowledge opportunity, and hence I am using them here for my satisfaction.

Coming back to the point. This day (December 19, 2011) will go down in the history of civilization as the day when financial instruments ripped Harsh Singh apart left, right and center, both physically and theoretically. On one side, it was the very awesome Financial Accounting paper set by our professor, of which I had no clue whatsoever and on the other hand, Sensex is setting its new lows every freaking day and my portfolio is going down day by day. What a tragedy !! 🙁 🙁

Going back in the timeline, 5 hours back, a jovial Harsh updated this on facebook >>

Well the opportunity cost for preparation was way too much to give it a serious thought … Plus the no of slides were way too much to give any encouragement … And to top all of them, I have grown way to careless (or should I say carefree) to give the exams the due importance … Time for the Corporate Finance extempore … Wish me Luck … coz that is all I have in my safety stock right now B-)

Until then I had one topic covered and was pretty sure that the majority of the paper would be set from the very same. But it was not to be. I was left gasping at the very sight of the paper. 10 questions. And I just knew a part of one of the questions. And that too was frisky. Had it not been for the philanthropic traits of Sarath, who was sitting next to me, I would have been forced down to write some foreign language in the paper, and hope that professor, not understanding what was exactly written, will give me the benefit of the doubt and exhibit a few philanthropic traits of his own (which seem to very optimistic going by his track record).

And as if this was not enough, I came back to my room, tired and exhausted by all the exercise my eyes had to do in order to photocopy others’ answers, only to find out that he has lost some more bucks in the stock market. Well people say profit and loss is never final until realized and let it be that way. My luck has suddenly gone for a toss and I just hope that it comes back on track as soon as possible. Until then I believe I shall give a break to all the Spartan like traits of mine and behave more like a Aam Aadmi (Mango Man).


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    • hey .. I just hope that it gets back to aid me, sooner than later 🙂 .. Mango Man, to me, sounds somewhere on the lines of Monkey Man or something like that 😛 😛