The Last Working Day

Summer of 2013. After waking up early in the afternoon, there was only one question that used to come in our mind – “Arey Bhai !! Aaj Shaam Ka Kya Scene Hai?” Life was all about parties, trips and spending as much time together as possible. Moving on from college to job sounded terrible. And we didn’t wanted to move on. Not at all.

Clock ticked by. Evryone left. One by One. Little did we realize that it was time for the goodbye. Fare thee well NITIE. Fare thee well Friends.


last working day

May 2013. My first job. Kotak Mahindra Bank. Anxiety and Excitement were at the high. I was not sure if I was prepared for this. But a ride is enjoyed the most if you are not sure about the route it’s going to take. This ride of mine was no different. Last 2 years has easily been the best part of my life. Where it has only been highs and no lows. Thanks to some awesome friends I made in this journey. All the old friends who were patient enough with me to stick by. And two of the most chilled out roommates I had – who were mad enough to accompany me on all the roads I took.

May 2015. Nothing much has changed from that time when I left NITIE. Anxiety and Excitement is still at the same high as it was 2 years back. I am still looking to figure out if it’s time to act wise, or I can afford to continue with “do whatever comes in your heart” attitude. I am still looking to find that perfect combination which can take me to the Utopia city. Somewhere a little part of me is still waiting for that Hogwarts letter to arrive. I am suspicicous about a lot of things, but there is one thing I am completely sure of – I can blindly trust life to take decisions for me. I can trust life to keep bringing those awesome people in my life. I can trust life to stay awesome at most of the times 🙂

Sayo Nara. I have got a lot of travel plans for the upcoming monsoons. Buzz me if you wish to accompany me along the new routes I wish to explore.