The Lost Diary

Good morning everyone ! Sorry to break it to you but we are already two months down in the new year. It’s already March. But I don’t wish to complain. World T20 is here. And Team India is in terrific form. Hope they win World Cup on the top of the Micromax Asia Cup (or have I spoken too soon?)

An interesting thing happened today. I was digging up some of my old pics from my long lost Hard Disk and somehow landed in this particular folder. My lay there in all its pride. I had almost forgot about it. This was one diary that I scribbled (not literally – just some keystrokes I meant) everything on during my engineering days. Funny that I should find it. I did remember that I kept it locked and password was one that no mortal could crack. No way I could get through that defence. But then I realize that it is already 1 in the night and I have nothing useful to do. Plus MS OneNote doesn’t lock you out for unsuccessful attempts (That is my good guess – Though I can bet for two attempts at least coz it cracked open the third time).

Notes with timestamps of pre historic era. Random rants to which I couldn’t connect, or may be I didn’t want to connect. Some piece was missing and I wasn’t able to figure it out. There was a time I used to write a lot. Okay I used to write non sense. But It was a lot, a lot of nonsense. Then I don’t know what happened. Somewhere somehow I started writing to impress. All my blog posts had to be perfect. If it was not, I would dump it into the draft. I stopped most of my non sense and kept convincing me that it was just a Writer’s Block.

Anyways, change is the only constant I believe. A sudden trip to the memory lane and it had suddenly struck me that I have been in a professional life for over 3 years now. Now that is a really really long time (Almost as long as the last time Pakistan defeated India). I have started travelling a lot. There are so many awesome people that have come into my life since then. I have acquired a few “new habits” and let some of the old ones go. I have turned from pro-BJP to pro-AAP to neutral to once again Pro-BJP. And Leonardo De Caprio has finally won an Oscar. Yayyyy 😀 😀

Here I am. Sitting at 2 in the morning. Writing it down. Realizing that I have started using back space a lot these days. I need to finalize my itinerary for the trip to Ladakh. My super smart Health App has been reminding me for the past 2 hours that I need to go to bed to spend Wednesday in a good mood. So I guess I would just pause here.

BTW I found this poem in my diary. Titled – “Where?” I have no memory of penning it down. I found it rather beautiful (The use of semi colon at one place freaked me out though)


For a system,
We make and grind away;
We nurse our rage
Into madness
And our thoughts we repress.

Memories and memories,
Mirrors and white moons,
This can’t be the end.

Like a pendulum,
Efficient, ruthless,
Chagrin and restless,
Everything swings
Betwixt extremes,
All in hope of being free.

An inner peace, serenades,
Something keeps you ablaze.

A stitch of fate,
A shroud of haze,
That light behind the overcast skies,
Has a tint of that peaceful glaze.

Where did you learn to let go?