The Palm Trees

Magical Me. I started this blog almost 10 years back. What started as an experiment to get some Adsense revenue, quickly became my hobby. Blogging was cool back then, as it was not a mainstream thing. May be the most important factor that kept me going at that point of time.

Time passed by, as it always does. I had started enjoying writing by then. The interesting conversations with the friends in my sphere. It was a welcome getaway from the real world. And I found a new hobby.

Fast forward to today. I have been on and off here for quite some time. Writer’s block? No. Apathy? Maybe.

What has changed? Nothing. And everything.

Arambol Beach, Goa

A tender stroke of brush across the life’s canvas. A reservoir of beautiful memories. And a few unpleasant ones. I strongly believe that every single incident in one’s life, even the most insignificant, has a say in the way tomorrow will shape out to be. But I will save that story for later.

Let me take you back in time. It was an evening in August. The sky was raided by dark murky clouds. A clear patch of sky near the horizon was shining orange. A rare spot in the otherwise dark scheme of things. I was sitting under the Palm trees. At my favorite beach. Arambol was a lot quieter that day. May be it was the time of the year. May be it was the weather. Or may be I was just thinking too much. But things appeared quiet that evening.

I kept staring at the horizon, waiting for it to get dark, when the rains invaded. The orange patch was reduced to a shiny blur. The gust of wind was tussling with the trees. The sky which is usually full with para-gliders, silently looked at the proceedings. So did I.

We have a habit of looking at things in two shades. Especially the things we do not understand. White and Black. Bright and Dark. Shiny and Murky. But why does latter always have to be negative? A sky full of stars on a dark night is beautiful. A lost trail in the middle of wilderness is beautiful. This particular evening was beautiful. It was the companion I never asked for. But still, it was beautiful.

I had many unanswered questions in my head. It helped me with them. No, I didn’t get the answers. But I understood the questions. And sometimes, that’s the most tricky part. Once you are convinced about something, your brain takes you through it, more often than naught.

When I look back now, i realize that there was nothing extraordinary about that evening. Nor about those palm trees or strong winds. But somehow, it was special to me. I kept on staring at the horizon. Our shiny orange patch was gone. Palm trees were quiet now. Rains had receded, but I could not tell whether the clouds were gone. Darkness had took over. But my thoughts shone bright. Tranquility reigned over the place as I left in silent. Never to be same again.

Hello! Kya Samachaar?😀😀