Time is Ticking By


Life at NITIE

NITIE – God’s own campus

Time has this unusual thing about it. In a 2 hours class, it appears to take a decade for it to pass by. And otherwise? Otherwise it passes at the same speed at which we used to run after the school used to get over. 5/7 MBA almost done. 5th mod has almost come to an end and I can bet my life on the fact that the next 2 mods will also pass by in a ziffy.

NITIE just witnessed its 17th Convocation. I could look at my super seniors going around the campus and reliving all those golden days which they spent in the God’s own campus. 2 years down the line we would be doing the same 😛 😛

Chalo I don’t want to crib and cry about the fact that it’s only 2 mods left. Just look at the way that it’s complete 2 mods left and we have a Goa trip staring at our faces right at the start of September 😀 😀 . I have a huge checklist to get done with before I complete my PG. Wish me luck for the same 😀 😀

Assignments, Classes, NITIE, Placements, Friends, IMPACT, Mumbai, Aspirations, Dreams, Life … I ain’t sleeping any more the next few months 😀 😀

Hello! Kya Samachaar?😀😀