Totally Faaltu Update

I have been out of touch with the blogosphere for quite a while now . Infact it has been more than a “quite a while” . No I am not suffering from a writer’s block . Its just that a thing called “examination” had forced me out of action for few days . Its not that I was dying preparing for these so called exams . I had ample of time to update my blog but still , my heart said that it would be really unfair to the much dreaded semester exams , and so I decided to wait . No more crap now . I am not going to blabber about how much I hate exams or why someone had to construct this system of testing our knowledge ( which anyways resides in our brain for just 24 hours …. Exams over …. Knowledge over …. ) ….

Being from a CSE background has its advantages , or should I say multi-advantages . All this while when the electronics and mechanical guys ( and few of the computer nerds too ) were busy banging their head against the wall out of sheer frustration and jealousy , I was busy observing these creatures who were suffering from this pre-exam syndrome . I still have got one more paper to go and they have decided to give us a whooping 4 days break to prepare . And you might be shocked to hear that few of them has already drowned themselves in the books .. Poor souls …

Coming back to the point … as I said that I was busy observing these engineers , I noticed quite a few things .

  • Everytime these brainy kids met on their way to water cooler or mess , they made a point to inquire “Abey Kitna ho gaya tera ???? ” ( How much of the course have you covered ) …… trust me , I really get irritated at times when this question is shot at me …
  • And now the best part ….. every other person whom I asked the same question had the same answer …. “Arey abhi suru hi nahi kiya hai yaar …. araam se padhenge” ( I haven’t started studying yet …. will do it at ease ) ….. Everyone in my college is born Einstein I tell you ….
  • And then I tried giving a different answer for a change … Another guy asked me the same question and I replied that I am going to start revision now ….. He started laughing so hard …. ”  poora ho gaya … aur wo bhi tera??? hahahhahahaha ” ( You have completed your course … hahahahah ) …. I felt like thumping him right in the face , but restrained ….. Since then I always took the safe part ….. neither the “haven’t yet started” melodrama nor the “have completed everything” crap ……
  • And one interesting thing that I observed in the electronics and mechanical guys ….. whole year they keep boasting about how good was their “core branch” and how much scope it offered ….. but when exams came …. all of them had this utter desire to make a jump into CS or IT ….. interesting ….
  • The extent to which these EC and ME guys are jealous of us is quite evident by the angry comments they leave on our FB statuses ( ones which say that we love our branch .. we don’t need to study like EC guys and more stuff like that … )
  • All the insomniacs of the hostel were seen running to Nescafe to get that magical cup of coffee which would keep them awake for the time being ….. Who needs sleeping pills …. Books are more than enough … 😉
  • Every minute of sleep is nothing less than an elixir for the totally exhausted brain of ours ……
  • Everyone formulates a list of umpteenth number of things to do once exams get over …. but as soon as it gets over …. they are totally blank , unsure of what to do next ….
  • And now the golden and most obvious observation …. No matter if it is a 2 days or 3 days or a 4 days gap …. Its only the last 24 hours or so that counts …. 11th hour study rox ….. 😉

P.S. Few exceptions have been found to these observations …. But nothing doing …. you won’t find these exceptions out of their rooms and away from their books at any time ….

I still have one more paper to go ….. and before that one , I have got 3 complete days for total rest ….. My branch CSE is nothing less than heaven …..  :mrgreen:


  1. Hehehehe…very interesting observations!! 😀
    Next time someone asks, you could probably say “Had completed everything. But saw the Q paper…and now, have to start all over again.” Sigh deeply, have a disturbed look and slowly drag yourselves away 😀

    Good luck for your exam!

    And come back to blogging after that 🙂

  2. Great observation!…really kewl…its d story of every college on earth…or rather i say every hostel on earth…by d way…how wuz yer CN paper ??

    [P.S. If yew ask meh d same ques…abt d paper i vl say **NO COMmENTZ**[:D] saari kasar nikaal li uptu waalo no…4 days k gap ka badlaa nikaal liya…[:(][:X]

    • Computer Networks …. reminded of DBMS …. but still , had a plenty of time to think about more important “things” …. 😛 … thanks to the second unit …. IEEE rocked us .. 😛

  3. Haha. I like your observations. Cool blog this.

    In my case, I always prepone the studies till the last moment and when that comes, I think, “Ab itna din nahin padha toh ab kya kar sakta hai… Next time, start studying from the beginning.”

    • Welcome to my blog Sameer 😀

      Same is the case everywhere … 😉 … “examinations” are one of those things which unite this very divers country effectively .. 😉

  4. Reading late.. but agree with you on that “kitna pada bey” thingy. It used to irritate me when people ask such questions 👿 I used to just evade such questions.

    • yep …. I think everyone asks this question for their own gain … It relaxes them when they know that there exists another guy who is lagging even further back than him .. 😛


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