Walking down the Memory Lane – The CAT Days

I often go through my e-diary once in a while to remind myself of the things that were and how they have changed now. Today strolling across it I came across a series of posts cribbing about my CAT preparation days, the UPs and the DOWNs, the desperation and the WANT to get “The Thing”. Well I have got “The Thing” now and it’s called NITIE 😀 😀

But still it was a dream two years back. And my diary is a testimony to this fact. Just felt like sharing a few excerpts from this file which contains my entire life 😀 😀

Dated : August 7, 2010 :

My life , right now , is marked by a cadence of emotions . One day I am on a high . The very next day , I fall to an all time low …. And their isn’t a particular reason I can embark upon … There are many , I must confess …

One of those is my preparation for CAT …. I am not scoring very well in motivating myself … It appears as if everyone else knows for sure that I am going to crack CAT this year …. But I am skeptic about the same …. Mocks have been a roller coaster ride … today’s has completely left me baffled …

Until yesterday , I knew that VA was my weak link …. But today ?? .. Today I am not sure if I should tag QA with the same … The 135 minutes , which appeared to be more than enough in last few mocks , have suddenly started looking too contract ….

Today’s performance is something  I would like to forget ASAP …. Got to motivate myself … Got to start devoting some time to QA too … and I seriously need to handle this prestige issue which I encounter more less than often while solving DI ….


Its NOW or NEVER …. Mr. Harsh .. Its DO or DIE time … Don’t let that spirit die .. Its true that you are not the very best right now … But you have got it in you to beat the very best …. And you know it pretty well … Just give it your all … and stop worrying about the failure …. That’s something which is not in ur control … Hard work izzzzzz …. 🙂


With CAT approaching, I can’t help sharing this with everyone. A usual trauma that everyone has to go through. The Burden of Expectations and The Fear of Failure. But I can’t help remembering that this was one of the most, if not the most, critical phase of my life. The phase that taught me to be strong. The phase that taught me how important it is to set a goal and give your sweat and blood to achieve it. The phase that taught me to believe – to believe in yourself, your abilities, your aspirations and your dreams.

All the best to all the CAT aspirants. To those who have been tackling this year after year, you know better than me how to handle it. And to those who, like I was, are facing this humungous strain for the first time, I would advice “Just Close your Eyes. Think about your goal. And Live Eat and Breathe it. Day In and Day Out. And the most important thing. Don’t let the belief in yourself die. Keep the flame Kindling”. All the best folks 😀 😀


Hello! Kya Samachaar?😀😀