What's done is done …

Can’t take it back … What’s done is done …If only one could follow this advice … Life is nothing less than an adventurous holiday … But its very hard … next to impossible …

Chalo enough of philosophy … The thing that is worrying me right now is the fact that I am unable to book a ticket to get back home these holidays … The rush for the tickets at this point of time is as high as it could get  … The ticket vendors are charging over three time the actual cost ( 1 ka 3 … 1 ka 3 … The thing called “Black” is done in a more sophisticated way nowadays … In the AC offices , to be precise ) ..

So now there are only three options left in the equation … Get one in the tatqaal quota , which is next to impossible ( courtesy to massive load in irctc server following the vendors’ evil plan to mass book the tickets to loot the ones in desperate need …. The other option being the Gomti Express ( a train which I would board only if its a matter of life and death … Really Horrible … Pathetic is the word that could perfectly describe Gomti Express …. The worst Railway could get ) ….. And the last option … which for the time being appears to be the most probable one … Spend some 8 odd hours in the coach with a ticket marked “WL” (Waiting List ) …..

And as soon as I will reach home … I will have the departure date to worry about … Have to report back within 4 days as there is a exam waiting in the wings on 8th … And from there will start the avalanche of exams … Practically 2 months of non stop exams and torture … Both academic and entrance exams combined … This is a handicap match I am contesting right now … And I am pretty positive that I will emerge a winner ….

Anyways … Wish you all a very Happy Diwali … Enjoy the holidays …And do play safe … 😛

Hope all of you get a ticket to get back home ( not the one marked WL .. ofcourse 😛 😛 ) … Sayonara ..!!! 😉