The Wine Shop Chronicles

You are walking on a street with your friend, contemplating what happened through the day and trying to decipher the meaning of life, and suddenly this strikes your ears, “Only go to that place where you are respected. If you go to a place where you know you will be disrespected, then my friend you don’t have any self esteem”. So much of Gyaan in just one sentence. I looked at my friend and smiled. It was Friday evening. It was a scene outside a wine shop. It was a conversation between two friends who were totally “set”.

Madhushaala - The Chronicles

Madhushaala – The Chronicles

The sign said “Child Beer”. We knew that we still are children at heart, and one innocent Beer never kills anyone. God gave us the signal and we flashed our way through the mob. A mob where everyone was trying their best to have their voice heard. There are only a few places where everyone is treated equal and this certainly was one of them. Doesn’t matter if you are there to buy a JD or a pawwa, you got to wait your turn. So did we, and meanwhile I tried to scan through the various components which made up this mob.

A well suited guy, with a familiar professional look on his face and a credit card in his hand. He was stocking up two bottles of Jack Daniels into his bag, while the cashier made short work of his card. His friends shouting from his car made it pretty clear that it was going to be a wild night for them. May be they were too bored of exotic places and an in-house party was the need of the hour.

Just next to him was a guy who already looked a few shots down. He was having an argument with the cashier. Appeared that the cashier was in no mood to give him a complementary plastic glass, while he demanded that he deserved one being a regular customer. May be it was another one of those hectic routine days for him and he just wanted to get done with his conscious state.

A little near the corner were two boys. By their looks and the way they kept a watch on the surroundings, it looked like they lived nearby and didn’t want anyone to spot them there. Their effort to hide was helped by a guy who was standing next to them and was finishing a bottle of beer at the counter itself. Must have been trying to forget about the absence of any company on a Friday night.

I was knocked on my head by my friend, who was pointing at the package he had in his hand, directing me towards home. It was time to bid goodbye to the shop and to all the strangers I met there. Strangers, whose life appeared to be interconnected to each other with an invisible web.

I started heading back home. The two guys we encountered at the start were still there. The Gyaan and philosophy session was still on. The evening was preparing to blend into the night. And Life in Mumbai was setting up to reach its top speed once again.

Hello! Kya Samachaar?😀😀