Who knows!

If I’d known, I would have done things differently.

– The Dry (Jane Harper)


I might have done things differently. Or I might have wanted them to stay the same. Who knows? In this world of jumbled realities, it’s better to leave things as they are, than looking too much into them.

All good things come to and end. MUST come to an end. I don’t think this is necessarily a negative statement. How can something new come until you let go of the old? But cannot you run along with both? Who knows! I guess I have to find out.


I have been reading a lot of late. Am I trying to find solace in the books? Or am I trying to make up for the lost time? Or is it just another phase, another ray of light in the course of its journey, which shall pass? I hope not. But who knows! I guess I have to find out.


When will I see? Will I ever be able to see? When will I be convinced? When will the shackles be broken? Are there shackles at all, in the first place? Am I walking down the right lane? Is it a test? Or just another permutation, where nothing is right or wrong? Who knows! I guess I have to find out.